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Alterations, Additions and Renovations

  Alterations, additions and renovations are an excellent way to accommodate the needs of a busy workplace. We have a team of specialists that can design for and add to any aspect of your property. Whether it is new bathrooms, offices, conference rooms, extensions or new facilities we can help.  
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  "A huge thanks for all of your help over the last week. A special thanks to Andrew and Aiden who worked tirelessly and who were both so helpful, friendly and accommodating of our requests. The children and teachers love the outdoor area. You guys are awesome."
- Rachael, the teaching team & the children at North Beach Community Childcare Centre, North Beach, Christchurch
Architectural Commercial Renovations
Architectural and engineered alterations and additions are an interesting and challenging project. What may look straightforward on a plan, like moving a wall, once started may reveal hidden conditions that no-one foresaw.
We work closely with a number of designers, architects and engineers to get the design and results you want whilst keeping in mind the architectural nature of the building. We are able to incorporate smart designs and the latest technologies creating a contemporary workplace for your company.
We will complete your project within the timeframe and where possible, with the least disruption to your employees and customers.
Sticking to the Budget
At Whyte Construction we use cost engineering, a practice that relates to the management of project cost. This involved activities like estimating, cost management, cost prediction, investment appraisal and risk analysis.
We budget, plan and monitor your project. We will look for the best balance between cost, quality and time requirements.
Our Quantity Surveyors have the judgement and experience required to use principles and techniques for issues of estimation, cost management, budget planning and management science, profitability analysis, project management, planning and programming.
The key objective is to attain accurate cost estimates and schedules and to avoid cost overruns and schedule slips. This goes beyond preparing cost estimates and schedules by helping manage resources and supporting assessment and decision making.
Design & Build Contracts
Whyte Construction has extensive experience in Design and Build contracts. A popular contract throughout the construction industry, it needs a contractor with strong project, design and cost management capabilities to execute it well.
We have strong relationships with our architects, engineers and other consultants, and will work closely with you to design your project, working through the specifications and obtaining any resource and building consents required, and completing your build.
Whether you are building a small addition to your workplace or changing the entire layout, Whyte Construction will apply the highest level of quality to your project.
Our Process
● Consultation - we have an initial consultation to understand your needs and requirements
● Define and Design - working in conjunction with the architect/designers, we will incorporate and define your requirements
● Plan Development and Costing - plans take shape and a full construction cost and timeline is established
● Detailing - design plans are developed ready for consent submission
● Cost Confirmation - based on pre consented documents
● Obtaining Consents - detailed plans are submitted to the Council to obtain building consent if required
● Final Costs Adjusted - if required due to any requirements from the Council
● Project Management - during all stages of the construction phase your Project Manager will ensure efficient project timing and keep your up-to-date
● Final Sign-Off and Handover - all work is signed off and guarantees and warranties are provided
Project Management
When the bottom line is just as important as the finished project, you can trust the experienced Whyte Construction team to take a project from start to finish in the most professional and cost effective way possible.
Once assigned to your job, your Project Manager will take full responsibility for ensuring your project is delivered on time and meets all necessary building codes and standards.