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  METRA construction system consists of moisture resistant boards made from engineered wood fibres and flakes, manufactured by The Laminex Group at their Taupo plant.
Metrapanel is a system that comprises of BRANZ Appraised walls, floors and ceilings. Supplied precut and compatible with all cladding systems, masonry, timber, brick and exterior panels, this is a system that goes up easily, quickly and efficiently.

Metrapanel has been fully tested for:
- Weather exposure
- Moisture resistance
- Structural strength
- Load bearing capacity
- Bracing
- Fire resistance
- Sound resistance

The Metrapanel system is available in a variety of products consisting of walls, ceilings, floors and extrusions.

METRA Walls Standard Strong and durable providing a smooth Level 5 finish.  
  METRA Walls Standard36 A 6mm thick self-supporting single wall panel used for interior walls.  
  METRA Walls Standardblue Offers additional waterproofing for use in wet areas.  
  METRA Walls AcousticSTC28 Standard walls with low level noise.  
  METRA Walls AcousticSTC36 Standard walls with improved sound rating.  
  METRA Walls AcousticSTC48 Provides higher acoustic options between toilets, bathrooms, bedrooms and lounges.  
  METRA Walls AcousticSTC50 For noisy areas such as music rooms, home theatres and media centres.  
  METRA Walls AcousticSTC61 For inter-tenancy walls between separate household units.  
  METRA Walls Inter-Tenancy STC57/STC61FRR30/30/30 Fire resistant rated in accordance with AS 1530.4-1990.  
  METRA Walls For Exteriors standardR2.0 For direct fixed cladding. 10mm High Density Black polystyrene packer over 45x45mm timber battens with 55mm Black Pearl polystyrene in between.  
  METRA Walls For Exteriors ecoR3.0 For direct fixed cladding. 20mm High Density polystyrene packer over 70x45mm timber battens with 90mm Black Pearl polystyrene in between.  
  METRA Walls For Exteriors blackheart6.0 A structural insulated panel alternative with two layers of Metrapanel. No thermal bridging of the Black Pearl polystyrene layer as 45x45mm timber battens are on the exterior.  
METRAceilings is an innovative construction method using 25mm thick engineered wood panel ceilings, primer sealed for moisture resistance up to 30 days weather exposure and sheet sizes up to 7.35m long, 2.45m wide and 25mm thick.

METRAfloors come in large 7.35m x 2.45m by 25mm sheets. This means quick to put down, no nogs in the floor centre, less movement as there are no joins and they are the thickest product on the market by 5mm.

METRAextrusions include 18mm H-section, square-post corner mould, standard 36mm H-section, negative detail joiner for ceilings.


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