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Property Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to keeping your property in a good state of repair, maximising its value and your comfort. Maintaining your property also helps increase its life, ensuring it continues to perform and reducing your environmental impact.
At Whyte Construction we have builders, carpenters, painters and handymen working with us. All of our tradesmen are qualified and have extensive experience. This enables us to carry out whatever maintenance work may be required at your property.


Repairs and General Maintenance
The appearance and functionality of your building is crucial to how your business runs. Many types of repairs are complicated, time-consuming or risky and require the help of a builder, contractor, plumber or electrical. This is where we can help.
We can facilitate any repairs or general maintenance and repairs done as soon as you notice it is necessary.
We coordinate all the trades required for your maintenance project to ensure minimal disruption to your tenants and clients.
We offer a comprehensive range of services such as - but not limited to;

- Programmed building and grounds maintenance
- Alterations and repairs
  - Exterior Maintenance
  • ▷ Pipes and gutters
  • ▷ Under floor issues
  • ▷ Fences
  • ▷ Septic tanks
  • ▷ Balconies and decks
  • ▷ Exterior walls
  • ▷ Roofs
  • ▷ Tiling
  • ▷ Hinges and locks
  • ▷ Skylights
  • ▷ Graffiti removal
  • ▷ Painting
  - Interior Maintenance
  • ▷ Combating dampness
  • ▷ Borer and other pests
  • ▷ Windows and doors
  • ▷ Painting
  • ▷ Electrical
  • ▷ Plumbing
  • ▷ Appliances
  From experience we know that maintenance is quite different from new work such as alterations in that it requires a higher level of understanding of the building envelope, processes, materials and structural nature. More often than not, it requires being able to diagnose problems and develop solutions that are realistic, compliant and cost effective.  
Programmed Maintenance
Inspections, adjustments, cleaning and replacements should be done regularly to ensure proper functionality of all the systems on your premises. This can help to avoid costly emergencies. For example, annual testing and adjustment of alarm systems, central heating and cooling systems, replacement of water treatment components and air-handling filters, purging of heating radiators and water tanks, cleaning out gutters, downspouts and drains, touching up worn paint work and weather seals. These are all general maintenance issues which we can organise for you.
Less frequent, but still should be regularly done and budgeted for include repainting or staining outdoor wood and metal, repainting and waterproofing masonry, cleaning out septic systems, replacing old or ageing items that have a limited lifetime.
Property Inspections
When buying a property it's very important that you are aware of its condition. We are able to put you in touch with the right people to provide you with a pre-purchase condition report to assist you in your decision-making.
In the past 15 years New Zealand property owners have been exposed to disasters like Leaky Building Syndrome, poor construction practices, faulty workmanship, and questionable building materials.
With a range of options including pre-purchase, pre-sale, pest detection and moisture detection, we'll put you in contact with the right people to give you a clear picture of the state of the property.
Weather Tight Issues
Yes, we want to repair your property
Yes, we have the skill and experience to do it to the highest standard
Yes, we have the legal contacts and a great property inspection company to help you

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