Develop a vision. Build your dreams. Create with Whyte.
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Whether you are building the future, restoring the past or just refreshing the present you can rely on the team at Whyte Construction to give you the quality build you deserve and the dependability you can count on.
From concept to creation you have the complete confidence of knowing your dream will become a reality, not a nightmare.
Develop a vision. Build your dreams. Create with Whyte.


"Andrew & I would like to thank you for the lovely flowers and gift basket received on handover of our rebuilt home at Trumble Lane.
We would also like to acknowledge the great team, being Duncan, Danny, Ben, Doug & Andy as well as they not named, who worked on the construction of our new home. They were a fantastic team to work alongside, as not only ourselves but the insurance company agreed. They were professional through and through and we are appreciative and confident that due to their care in construction our rebuilt home is a home we will want to live in for a substantial period of time.
Locals in the area continue to stop us & tell us what a lovely home we have and a number of those still awaiting resolution around their rebuilds have requested your companies details.
Again, thank you all very much."
- Andrew & Liz Ross, Huntsbury, Christchurch
* A residential building contractor is required to meet certain documentation requirements.
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