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Design & Build

Design & Build is a method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are organised by the contractor.
The traditional approach for construction consists of a designer on one side, and the contractor on the other.
The Design & Build contract answers the client's wishes for a single point of responsibility in an attempt to reduce risks and overall costs.
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"Andrew & I would like to thank you for the lovely flowers and gift basket received on handover of our rebuilt home at Trumble Lane. We would also like to acknowledge the great team, being Duncan, Danny, Ben, Doug & Andy as well as they not named, who worked on the construction of our new home. They were a fantastic team to work alongside, as not only ourselves but the insurance company agreed. They were professional through and through and we are appreciative and confident that due to their care in construction our rebuilt home is a home we will want to live in for a substantial period of time. Locals in the area continue to stop us & tell us what a lovely home we have and a number of those still awaiting resolution around their rebuilds have requested your companies details. Again, thank you all very much."
- Andrew & Liz, Huntsbury, Christchurch
Our process
Consultation - we have an initial consultation to understand your needs and requirements
Define and Design - working in conjunction with the architect/designers, we will incorporate and define your requirements
Plan Development and Costing - plans take shape and a full construction cost and timeline is established
Detailing - design plans are developed ready for consent submission
Cost Confirmation - based on pre consented documents
Obtaining Consents - detailed plans are submitted to the Council to obtain building consent if required
Final Costs Adjusted - if required due to any requirements from the Council
Project Management - during all stages of the construction phase your Project Manager will ensure efficient project timing and keep your up-to-date
Final Sign-Off and Handover - all work is signed off and guarantees and warranties are provided


Your Design
Most people don't run the danger of mistaking our neighbour's home for our own. We have an inclination to try and do things to set our homes apart from each other such as painting the exterior a distinct shade, planting distinctive flora on the property. Beyond these touches it's still generally pretty easy to tell apart one house on your block from another because they are typically different houses.
However with the increased demand on housing, we have developed "cookie cutter" neighbourhoods. Identical - or near enough to - houses equally spaced apart with matching lawns, backwards, landscaping and layouts.
Whilst this is meeting a necessity within the housing market, and is not in itself a bad thing, we at Whyte Construction thrive on creating homes with uniqueness, individuality and creativity.
We can engage the architect, engineers and consultants needed to turn your dreams into a reality. We apply and acquire all consents necessary from the Council.
We will talk in depth of your vision of your home, materials to be used, positioning of your new home - working with the natural environs, sun orientation consideration, views and natural contours of the land - sizing, pricing and finishing.
Your Build
The team at Whyte Construction believe building a quality new home is fundamentally about you and your choices. We are builders flexible enough to turn those choices into your dream home.
We aim to be more than just builders of your new home... our challenge is to build a home that will enhance your lifestyle and that sets you up for the future. To do this we use up-to-date technology and build techniques.
Residential Developments
Whyte Construction can provide consultancy services for residential developments in the Canterbury region. With our ability to incorporate a full package from initial surveying and resource management planning all the way through to construction completion you have ease of mind knowing it is all managed from start to finish with one person overseeing the job.
Project Management
Your Project Manager sets schedules, keeps and eye on everyone, making sure they are where they are supposed to be at all times. They ensure there are no safety hazards around, and in general try to keep everyone happy.
Our Project Managers are hired to lead and oversee a variety of building projects from start to finish. The jobs range from a small remodelling or renovation job to a complete home build.
Your Project Manager keeps everyone in the loop during the entire project, from yourself as the client, the architects and engineers, and our workers and subcontractors. They must quickly attend to any problems that may arise.
Your Project Manager organises the equipment and materials that are required for the job, and although they may not be doing the physical work on the site, they are responsible for ensuring that all the work is finished properly, on time and within budget.
They are responsible for ensuring that any preparation work is completed on the site prior to construction starting. Once construction is started, they make sure that the work is progressing correctly. If there is a delay - whether as a result of weather, accident, a task that takes longer than expected, or a change in plans - he will tweak the programme to get back on schedule.