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Earthquake Repairs

  With extensive experience in earthquake repairs following the September 2010 earthquakes, Whyte Construction are equipped to deal with any job, from small repairs to detailed engineered works.  
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"My wife and I would like to express our appreciation for the friendly, efficient and cooperative way you and your team of contractors and subcontractors fulfilled the requirements to repair the damage on the property from the September earthquake. Even though there were quite a few days of inconvenience to the tenant, everyone did their best to fit in with her. Naturally with all those people moving through the property and the need for sanding, plastering and painting, there was quite a lot of dust to clean up. Everyone worked together to minimise these effects. Well done. We and the tenant were generally kept informed when the various tradespeople were coming and we were able to change our schedules to fit in."


Architectural Repairs and Rebuilds
After the Canterbury earthquakes many people have found themselves in the situation of rebuilding their property.
A new residential building offers the unique opportunity to create or repair a legacy, giving you a valuable asset for the future that incorporates a strong statement combining design, quality and a contemporary lifestyle environment.
Building high quality architecturally designed homes in the Christchurch & Canterbury region makes up a large part of our core business and we are good at it. We do everything possible to develop each project alongside our clients to ensure its true potential is maximised and so it accommodates all those special and unique features that distinguish it from the norm.
We work closely with a number of designers, architects and engineers to get the design just as you desire.
Sticking to Budget
Sticking to a budget is something most people have had to deal with after the September 2010 earthquakes. 
At Whyte Construction we understand this and do everything possible to ensure you stick to your budget. We budget, plan and monitor your project, looking for the best balance between cost, quality and time requirements.
Our Quantity Surveyors are experienced in estimation, cost control, budget planning, project management, planning and programming.
Our key objective is to attain accurate cost estimates and schedules to avoid cost overruns and schedule slips to ensure your project is done on time and to your budget.
Design & Build
A lot of people have found themselves in the situation of designing and building a new home after the earthquakes.
Whether you have a plan already or are starting from scratch, alongside our associated architects we will work with you to design a home that meets your needs. Our designs aim for optimum space and light, using materials that are reliable in terms of maintenance and resale value, giving you  the best of both worlds. We can visualise your design with our 3D computerised designs in colour. Once the design is finished, we apply to Council for a resource consent application if required.
We will give you an accurate quote for your home. Our quote is for the entire job, with no hidden extras, and the price is guaranteed not to go up, unless you make changes to the plans or specifications.
We see the building process as a cooperative working relationship between designer, builder and client to achieve your desired result.
If your project requires Council consent, regular inspections by Council inspectors ensure construction is in accordance with the Building Code.
Our Process
● Consultation - we have an initial consultation to understand your needs and requirements
● Define and Design - working in conjunction with the architect/designers, we will incorporate and define your requirements
● Plan Development and Costing - plans take shape and a full construction cost and timeline is established
● Detailing - design plans are developed ready for consent submission
● Cost Confirmation - based on pre consented documents
● Obtaining Consents - detailed plans are submitted to the Council to obtain building consent if required
● Final Costs Adjusted - if required due to any requirements from the Council
● Project Management - during all stages of the construction phase your Project Manager will ensure efficient project timing and keep your up-to-date
● Final Sign-Off and Handover - all work is signed off and guarantees and warranties are provided
Project Management
We manage your project from start to finish. Once assigned, your Project Manager sets schedules, keeps an eye on everyone, making sure they are where they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to be doing. They ensure there are no safety hazards around, and in general, keep everyone happy.
Our Project Managers are hired to lead and oversee a variety of building projects from start to finish. Whether the job is a small renovation or a complete home build they will oversee it all and keep everyone in the loop. They will quickly attend to any problems that may arise.
They are responsible for ensuring that all preparation work is completed on the site prior to construction starting. Once construction is started they make sure that work is progressing correctly. If there is a delay - whether as a result of weather, accident, a task that takes longer than expected, or a change in plans - he will tweak the programme to get back on schedule.
Your Project Manager organises the equipment and materials that are required for the job, and are responsible for ensuring that all the work is finished properly, on time and within budget.